13 methods for good potatoes: fried, baked and boiled

Baked, boiled, fried, pureed… For those who’re additionally a fan of this meals, prepare to find 13 methods for the proper potatoes.

Everybody loves potatoes as a result of it has a wealthy, satisfying style and is a meals that may be ready in numerous methods. We reveal some potato hacks good and convert any non-believer who can know and delight much more who’s already a fan of this edible tuber, which is offered all around the world and all year long.

13 methods for good potatoes

Get essentially the most scrumptious dishes with these methods to organize potatoes that may depart anybody salivating for extra.

  1. For those who cook dinner unpeeled potatoesyou need to wash them properly with a brush.
  2. For those who bake unpeeled potatoes add a fats comparable to butter or olive oil, to assist it cook dinner higher, keep its construction and make the potato tastier.
  3. Within the cooking course of, add somewhat vinegar or lemon juiceas they stop the potatoes from browning.
  4. Whenever you cook dinner potatoes, you have to first put them in chilly water and solely then take it to the fireplace.
  5. For those who don’t have time to bake potatoesfirst bake them for 10 minutes after which put them within the oven.
  6. One other option to pace up the baking course of is to provide a blow to the potatoes and wrap in aluminum foil.
  7. For tasty friesyou need to solely add salt on the finish, whereas they’re sizzling.
  8. You may select different condiments: pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, rosemary or different candy herbs and spices.
  9. To take away extra oil from french friesput them in a paper bag and shake properly.
  10. To have the ability to put together very crispy friesreduce, wash, rinse and place within the freezer for half-hour.
  11. Earlier than inserting the potatoes within the frying panensure the oil is just not too lengthy and fry calmly.
  12. Do you want creamy mashed potatoes? Then add a whipped egg white, or somewhat whipped cream, or milk, or butter, or a teaspoon of baking powder, throughout cooking.
  13. For those who use potatoes in a saladseason them whereas they’re nonetheless sizzling.

advantages of potatoes

The potato is a cheap meals and, wrongly, has change into much less well-liked in recent times because of the rising curiosity in low-carb meals.

Nevertheless, the fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that make up potatoes might help push back illness and profit your well being. To be taught one of the best methods for getting ready potatoes, take a look at all advantages of this meals.

  • The iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc in potatoes assist the physique construct and keep bone construction and energy.
  • Helps to stabilize blood pressuredue to low ranges of sodium and excessive ranges of potassium.
  • The potato’s fiber content material, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6, along with the dearth of ldl cholesterol make this a wonderful meals ally for good coronary heart well being.
  • Choline is a vital and versatile nutrient present in potatoes and helps muscle motion, temper, studying and reminiscence.
  • Potatoes include folate, which performs an necessary function in DNA synthesis and restore and due to this fact prevents many kinds of most cancers cells from forming.
  • The fiber content material in potatoes helps stop constipation.
  • Potato dietary fibers are generally acknowledged as necessary elements in weight reduction and management.
  • Potatoes are an important supply of vitamin B6, which performs an important function in power metabolism.

Make the most of the advantages of potatoes and follow our easy methods. Prepare dinner with out mysteries and bon appetit!